Completed Projects

Property Transactions

  • Residential unit title development in Hamilton comprising of 107 residential units
    • projects costed at $30 million
  • Residential unit title development with proportional ownership in Queenstown comprising of 14 luxury villas
    • project costed at $50 million
  • Apartment complex in Coromandel comprising 40 residential apartments
    • project costed at $40 million
  • Residential fee simple subdivision in Taupo comprising 70 allotments
    • project costs at $20 million
  • Subdivision at Tamahere
  • Subdivision in Hamilton

Business/Commercial Transactions

  • Acquisition, development and leasing of commercial property for a major Hamilton developer
  • Sale of pharmacy business and associated buildings
  • Acquisition of natural health manufacturing businesses
  • Acquisition of shares in a marina company
  • Sale of shares in IT companies
  • Sale of commercial cleaning business
  • Acquisition and rationalisation of air conditioning companies and their businesses
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Promotion and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Contracts for a major sporting franchise
  • Structuring and governance advice
  • Sale and purchase of bars and restaurants
  • Acquisition of distribution business
  • Management contracts
  • Licence Agreements for national retailer
  • Assisting national retailer to establish a co-operative structure
  • Sale of Takeaway business
  • Structuring of major residential subdivision
  • Structuring for medical practice
  • Acquisition for plumbing supplies business
  • Acquisition of health retail business
  • Acquisition of international supply network
  • Subdivision in Tamahere – 8 lots
  • Subdivision in Tamahere – 4 lots
  • Subdivision in Papamoa – 10 lots
  • Subdivision issues concerning easements


  • Debt recovery
  • Reckless trading actions against directors
  • Voidable transactions
  • Pre-Insolvency structuring


  • Litigation arising from finance company failures
  • Non compliance issues with IRD
  • Resource consent hearings and appeals
  • Easement disputes
  • Family protection claims
  • Defamation
  • Employment disputes
  • Undertaking major leaky building litigation
  • Relationship property litigation, including those involving property owned by a Trust
  • Removal of Trustee litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Rural lease disputes

Security Act Compliance

  • Farm park scheme
  • Proportional ownership schemes
  • Residential development with common facilities
  • Disclosure statements


  • Leases for commercial property
  • Long term commercial leases for apartment complexes