Who we are

With a singular focus on client service, our team members have been encouraged to be practical, innovative problem solvers. The firm has constantly grown and will continue to grow in the future to meet your needs and those of all of our clients. We won’t lose focus on your needs.

David Nielsen


Phone: 021 720 129
Email: david@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Shaun Hoskin


Phone: 021 404 315
Email: shaun@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Emylie Duffy


Phone: 021 404 541
Email: emylie@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Luke Hoskin


Phone: 021 404 192
Email: luke@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Cath Hoskin


Phone: 021 404 317
Email: cath@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Janeen Rainey


Phone: 07 838 9949
Email: reception@nielsenlaw.co.nz

Let’s work together

We work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.