Our Approach

We have developed our team to be small, tightly focused, responsible and client orientated.

David established Nielsen Law 15 years ago, practicing initially as a sole practitioner.

Over time, the Nielsen Law team has grown to best meet the needs of our clients and community.  Having worked in a large national firm and a smaller local firm, David’s experience is the reason he has deliberately developed Nielsen Law to be a small, tightly focused legal practice.

He believes this has contributed to having a hard working team committed to our clients and able to provide the personal service for all of your transactions. Our team is often referred the ‘hard’ files. These files lack resolution prior to coming to Nielsen Law. The work is challenging and demanding but there is a great sense of satisfaction in being able to get the deal done.

We do not seek to be a full service team, rather we have identified the areas in which we specialise and have strived for excellence in these areas. We can never promise an outcome but we will advise you of the range of consequences of each decision along the way.

Our recommendations will help you to more clearly understand the issues and possible outcomes.

Our commitment is that you will receive our personal attention in a timely fashion. When we seek to partner with outside specialists, we will only use the best in their fields. We are proud of the network of specialists with whom we have partnered over the last 15 years and our results speak for themselves.

Rather than taking a strictly legalistic approach to our clients’ issues, we strive to understand the client’s requirements and, where appropriate, take a practical and innovative approach to meeting those needs.

We appreciate that legal matters are expensive but we endeavour to provide sensible solutions and a cost-effective service, ensuring that our clients are kept “in the loop” at all times.

Let’s work together

We work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.